Saturday, February 26, 2011

Double Curtain Rods

One of the best curtain rods I have seen is the double curtain rods and this is becoming popular nowadays. This is very easy to install similar to single curtain rod. The only difference is that it has two rods that can suspend two different curtains.

Based from the picture , it has two rods which runs in parallel to each other and are attached to the same mounting bracket with approximately 2 inches space in between. Normally, these curtain rods are made of metal, plastic and wood which come with various sizes, styles and designs.
When mounting the device to the wall, it should be 4 inches above the window and on the average, it only takes 15 minutes to install. Many people place sheer curtain on the inner rod, the one closest to the window, to allow some light to pass through during the day, and the main curtain, normally made up of thick fabric which is more decorative and colorful than the inner one. This provides a rich and elegant look to your window area.
You may visit Double Curtain Rods for the detailed procedure on how to install double curtain rods.

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